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Who We Are

Open Government Canada is a new Freedom of Information coalition seeking a national voice for FOI users.


Started primarily by a group of journalists associated with the Canadian Association of Journalists, OGC seeks to help educate, assist and advocate on behalf of people who use the federal Access to Information Act and provincial freedom of information laws.


We envision a grassroots coalition, modeled on the experience of United States users, that will build on existing FOI organizations in different provinces and territories. Where none exist, OGC wants to foster the creation of regional FOI groups that lobby for effective access laws.


What will OGC do?

  • Create a national forum for networking and discussion.

  • Advance important FOI issues in public .

  • Develop educational forums, seminars and conferences for FOI-users.

  • Publish manuals and advocacy papers.

  • Create a web-based resource centre.

  • Advocate for wider access laws.

  • Offer other support for Canada's FOI users.


What's Next?

A steering committee appointed as a result of the founding conference in Toronto on March 10-11, 2000 has been directing the development of this very new organization.

The steering committee's work so far:

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