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This page has been compiled from resources assembled by OGC coordinators Rob Cribb, Jeff Lee and Jim Bronskill. It is not complete. If you have links of your own you want to add, send an email to the webmaster.

Federal government:

Canadian Access to Information Act (Information Commmissioner's site)

Federal Information Commissioner

Federal Privacy Commissioner

Database of ATI requests (Maintained by Prof. Alasdair Roberts)

InfoSource: Contact names and addresses of government departments subject to the Act. The Directory of Federal Government Enquiry Points lists contacts by agency and office, with mail, E-mail address and phone numbers. The Sources of Federal Employee Information link lists personal information banks on federal employees. Finally, the Directory of Federal Government Databases lists all government information databases, their formats, and availabilities to the public. And once you've found the department and information you're looking for, Access to Information and Personal Information Request forms are also downloadable. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the information on this page.

Federal departments:

Department of National Defence: 

ATI site


Natural Resources Canada: 

ATI site


Department of Fisheries and Oceans: 

ATI Report


Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat: 

ATI Reports


Department of Justice 

ATIP Homepage

ATI Report, 1996-97


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Provincial governments


Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: Info, guides

Alberta Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner


British Columbia

B.C. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner: (Guide, orders, other resources)
B.C. Information, Science and Technology Agency {Adminsters FOIPP Act)

BC FOIPP Contacts (Ministries/Crown Corporations)

BC directory of records  (gopher)

FOIPPA Policy and Procedures Manual - *Revised*

Special Committee to review the BC FOIPPA, 1998/99


MB Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (PDF)

Access and Privacy Services, Provincial Archives of Manitoba Manitoba FIPPA Web Site 


New Brunswick

NB Right to Information Act

Report of the Task Force on Data Sharing and Protection of Privacy, August 1994.

Discussion Paper on Amending the Right to Information Act, February 1998.



NF Freedom of Information Act

St. John's Telegram series on FOI in Newfoundland, October 2000

Review of Freedom of Information Act Under Way (Press Release) Feb 13, 2001


Northwest Territories

Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act


Nova Scotia

NS Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
NS FOIPOP Act : Frequently Asked Questions
NS Information Directory



Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Nunavut)



Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner: Features plain-language guide
Ontario Management Board Secretariat Corporate FOIP Office: Form, How-to, record guide

Government Accountability and the Public Interest: November 1999 report by Mary O'Donoghue of the Ontario Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Ontario Directory of Records:Where to find records and how to request them


Prince Edward Island

Proposed Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Bill 19, 61st General Assembly, 2d Sess. First reading on December 8, 2000.



Commission d'acces a l'information du Quebec



Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Department of Justice Freedom of Information site



Yukon Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act Directory

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner




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U.S. government links

Government Locator Service

The Freedom of Information Clearing House Public Citizen's massive site.

FOIA and Governent Secrecy  Public Citizen document.
SPJ's Federal Agency Contacts

White House Virtual Library
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet

U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Federal Courts Homepage


Canadian FOI Organizations

B.C. Journalists Committee for Freedom of Information

B .C. Campaign For Open Government

B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association

Manitoba Association for Access and Privacy

Ladner Downs Free Speech Law Bulletin Recent developments in free speech law.

Government Information in Canada

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U.S. FOI Organizations

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press FOI advocacy group with lots of links, including a request letter generator.

The Freedom of Information Center A reference and research library maintained by the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Society of Professional Journalists' FOIA Page

SPJ's Links to FOI Coalition Groups
National Freedom of Information Coalition

The Student Press Law Center: Includes similar FOI letter generator for requests to state governments.

Investigative Reporters and Editors FOI site: Searchable database, tipsheets.

National Institute for Computer Assisted Research (NICAR): Includes government databases from agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration, The Federal Bureau of Investigations, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the ATFAgency.

Project on Government Secrecy

Access Reports

Barbara Fought's U.S. FOI links

FOI-L Discussion group - Listserv for U.S. FOI issues.Type SUBSCRIBE FOI-L in the body of the message. Please leave the subject line blank.

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Tips, reports, misc. links

Hints for submitting Freedom of Information Requests: A primer on requesting information from the Canadian government.

Freedom of Information Contacts in Canada: A listing of contact information for federal, provincial and territorial administers of access to information in Canada (note that Prince Edward Island has no FOI legislation).

Enforcement of FOI laws: A chart outlining the rules governing how public officials fulfill the requirements of FOI legislation across Canada.

Limited Access: Assessing The Health of Canada's Freedom of Information Laws - Freedom of Information Research Project, School of Public Policies, Queens University study revealing how access to information is being degraded in Canada. (PDF file)

Research papers and other publications on FOI by Prof. Al Roberts. A large collection of work done by Prof. Roberts, Canada's pre-eminent academic working on information policy issues.

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